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Problem Someone, anyone please help me with this evil MXQ Amlogic box!

Discussion in 'Android TV boxes (Kodi, XBMC, etc)' started by Mar1018, Apr 11, 2017.

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    when open elec is installed all you have basically is kodi , thats sort of point of it . you dont have all the other stuff (android stuff ) that most of us dont even use and probably dont want . simply put your box would have less junk in it and run far more smoothly and quickly , atleast thats the theory .

    so if you dont see google playstore etc thats why .

    as paulie correctly said to install kodi krypton (normally using normal android operating firmware ) you would need to have atlest android firmware 5.0 , whether you can upgrade your box to the newer or latest android firmware versions depends on how old your box is but also on whether updates are available for your box model .

    however open elec is different to android firmware and maybe that is confusing you . as an example you have microsoft windows computers and mac computers , they may in effect do the same thing but they both have very different operating software .


    the above link explains how to update both open elec and kodi versions . here it is in full

    How to Update OpenELEC and Kodi
    By MJD • November 02, 2015
    I normally just use FTP to move the OE update file and reboot for the update but this uses a repo that allows updates to be done from within Kodi.

    • Download the Leopold Repo Zip File and save to a location you can easily access from your Kodi device
    • Open Kodi
    • Select SYSTEM
    • Select Add-Ons
    • Select Install from zip file
    • Navigate to where you downloaded the zip in the first step and select repository.leopold-x.x.x.zip
    • Wait for Add-on enabled notification
    • Select Install from repository or Get Add-Ons on Helix
    • Select Leopold's Add-ons
    • Select Program Add-Ons
    • Select OpenELEC Dev Update
    • Select Install
    • Wait for Add-on enabled notification (it will also install a few dependencies that you will need for the add-on to work)
    • You will now also see a message saying there is an update available (only if you have an older version currently installed of course).
    • Select Yes
    • A side window will now open asking what type of update you wish to install.
    • Press left on your controller to highlight Official Releases (this will be the one with the latest stable version) & press OK/Enter on your controller to open a list containing all the official releases
    • Highlight the top version (most recent) and press OK/Enter on your controller
    • You will now be asked to confirm whether you want to update. Select Yes *The update will now start downloading. Once downloaded you will be asked to make a backup. Select Yes, you will need to have a backup path already setup in the Backup add-on, if you don't then you will be prompted to do so. Just select a location and then continue.
    Your box will now reboot and you will see the updates initialising. It will then reboot again and the updates will be installed.

    im not sure what if any effect your having open elec will have in regards you being able to use kodi 17 , as i said above with the android software you would need android firmware 5.0 or above in order to be able to install and use kodi 17 . but i dont know with open elec , being a different sort of operating software it may allow you to install kodi 17 , but i cant say for sure , someone more experienced with open elec could answer that better .

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